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Lots of Releases this Week!

Hey folks!

Lots of exciting news this week as three new releases hit iTunes/Spotify!

"Stop Me" by Andreas Moss has been added to Spotify's New Release Friday playlist, which is HUGE! I produced and co-wrote that one!

Taylor Grey just released her new single "Miami (feat. Spencer Kane)" which I also produced and co-wrote, and she is set to perform at an industry showcase at the Billboard Awards this coming week and there's talk about radio with this one! Fun!

Finally the launch of my new side project Simple Thieves just went live, coming out the gate with our first release "Heroes Never Die" performed and co-written by Amber Adams (Avari), produced and co-written by you's truly!

All are on iTunes and Spotify so go check em out! Lemme know what you think in the comments!



Coupled on Fox

Hey guys!

As some of you know I am really a lover of cinematic music and have dreamt for a long time to write for motion pictures and video games! Well, one small step at a time I have been working towards that. Today I experienced a HUGE step forward! I just found out that music I wrote was used in the new show "Coupled" on Fox!!! This is totally surreal to me and I am ecstatic! I seriously can't believe it! Hopefully this is just the beginning of something I have been dreaming of doing for a long, long time. A massive thanks to Burnett Music Group for making this happen!!

Letter from My Heart

Dear Friends,

I recently had the pleasure of having dinner with a friend of mine, pastor Peter Haas of Substance Church in Minneapolis, MN. We ended up talking for hours, as we normally do, and were reminded of how much time had passed only when the restaurant staff began to flip chairs and wash floors. We were being gently kicked out.

We talked of many things! We geeked out about music, dreamt big dreams, and had a chance to let our spouses get acquainted for the first time! It was a good evening, to say the least. Out of all the things we talked about, the stories we shared and laughs we enjoyed, one thing stuck out at me above all else. It hit me like a dagger to the heart, and has been forever engraved in my mind.

As we shared our stories of failure and success, Peter randomly exclaimed this: “Success is stressful. The more you succeed, the more you stress. Stress takes you to your default, and that default needs to be Jesus.” I pondered this, over and over. They were deep, life-giving words that were born out of a casual conversation between bites of noodles. What else could my default be other than Jesus?

It struck me. Hard. That default is our not only our comfort, like a baby’s blanket, but it is our mechanism to de-stress. Most commonly it becomes our addictions. Be they past, current, or future addictions, they are our default if Jesus is not. Alcohol, drugs, pornography, gambling, or even things like video games, TV shows, or shopping, or whatever it may be that consumes our waking mind, is our defaults. It is what we fill ourselves with, and are thereby full of. It is an escape. Literally. A way to put distance between the self and our stresses.

The problem is that stress causes adrenaline and our body needs to counter it with chemicals called serotonin and endorphins to settle the adrenaline back down, and we seek the release of those brain chemicals in various things, many times subconsciously. I know I do both consciously and subconsciously! Be it a nature walk, holding hands with my wife, exercising, eating good food, laughing, or seeking various forms of pleasure or escape.

As I am fighting to succeed in my career, hoping, no, desperately attempting to gain some level of fame and fortune, what is my default? As more eyes turn to me, more opportunities come my way, bigger clients, bigger artists, bigger TV shows, bigger movies come my way, what will I become? What will my default be? I know that it NEEDS to be Jesus because He is a constant, unwavering mountain beneath my feet. He loves me. He wants only what is best for me. He wants to use my talents and abilities for His Kingdom even now, here on earth. But is my default Jesus? I say He is, but is He? In my heart, is He?

If I pursue God as the center of my all: my family, my career, yes, my whole life, then He will guide me to things beyond my capacity, beyond my ability, and mostly, beyond what I deserve. He will use who I am, and what I can do, to make a difference for His Kingdom. That is what it is to belong to Jesus. It’s not about money, fame, recognition, achievements, material gain, or even pride. It’s about something greater than me, beyond me, that I get to humbly be a part of. This is what I want, but am I on that path?

As I have dwelled further on this, deeply, I have begun to question my motives. What is my agenda? What purpose does my life serve? If I “make it big” what then? I have struggled with money for the last decade having only had barely enough, many times less. But having lots of money brings a whole new level of struggle. I’ve already seen this on a very small scale. It’s an added stress. Yes I will never have to worry about if I can or cannot buy the groceries I need, but now I “need a bigger barn.” I have to manage the money so that Uncle Sam doesn’t take it. Am I ready for that?

It’s hard enough to be there for family and friends when you work 60-80 hours a week, have a wife and three wonderful kids, a yard to mow, errands to run, and somehow manage to keep up those serotonin levels and endorphins. How am I to handle even more work, more clients, and tighter deadlines with higher demand for quality? What will that do to me? It will bring me to my default.

Do you see the wisdom in this concept? Through the years that default has been many things for me, some of them not so good. I am certainly no saint, and will likely never be one. But my heart belongs to Jesus and when I focus on building His Kingdom rather than my own empire, my desires and motives are no longer my own. It’s really quite miraculous how much your desires change the more you pursue God. It’s one of the easiest concepts of all time, yet one of the most difficult to put into practice.

As I face the future head on, unable to turn around or walk away, there is only one thing to do. I must choose to live in daily surrender to Jesus. I surrender my career. And to be clear, my career isn’t just some 8-5 job for me that helps me pay bills. It is my whole life. It is my entire existence. I have many times been dubbed a workaholic and I have never once denied it. So what does this mean? It’s radical, it’s maybe even foolish to many of you, but I give it all away. I’m done trying to serve myself. The potential fortune, the possibility of recognition and fame... Take it. All I need is this one thing: Jesus, be my default.

I pray this. When times get hard, let me turn to you and not another default. When times get busy, let me look to you, Jesus, and not the desires of my flesh. When I feel down, lost, empty, used, and I hide in a dark corner and cry, you will be my light. For only you, Jesus, can be my true default. Any other alternative will leave me in the void. Be my all, Jesus, I surrender to you. Let me build your Kingdom and not my own. Let the starving children be fed. Let the naked homeless be clothed. Let the soul in darkness see your light, through my life, if possible. Jesus, have my all.

“I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me.” So can you, my dear friends. So can you. I love you all!


David Thulin


Hey everyone! It's been a while again since I updated this. I'm simply terrible at it! But let's catch up. I moved to Nashville late last summer and have been down here working since! Got LOTS of new projects in the making including my brother Jonathan's new album, as well as new music for Charmaine, SHINEBRIGHT, Joel Vaughn, OBB, Marie Miller, Southland Music, and much more!

I have been working with Avari, an EDM vocalist who is starting to really get some traction with new tracks coming out every few months, including her latest release with Omair Mirza called "Perfect Imperfection" which got signed to Coldharbour Recordings owned by EDM Superstar DJ Markus Schulz. I had the honor of co-writing the lyrics/melodies and vocal producing Avari for this track. Omair totally nailed the track/production, so this should be a epic release!

Finally, I suppose the biggest news is that I got a new gig composing music for TV! Yup, dreams do come true! I'll be writing cues for the next foreseeable future (and man is it fun!)

Until next time, love you all!


The latest releases and projects!

Hey guys!

Hope you're all doing super! I'm just checking in, saying hi, making sure you're all up to date on my latest projects and so forth! Recently I've been working on several albums and EPs that will be coming out in 2015, including my brother Jonathan Thulin's new album "Science Fiction" which I produced and co-wrote! I'm extremely excited about that one! Also, I produced Shine Bright Baby's new EP coming this year, as well as indie artist Joel Vaughn.

Lots of stuff is happening! Two tracks I co-wrote and produced ended up in a Michael Bay film recently called "Project Almanac" which is a time travel film. During a scene where the neighbors throw a party, you can hear the music I participated in creating pounding away next door. Pretty cool. It was surreal to see my name in the end credits while sitting at a movie theater! Cray, and fun times! 

I'll check back in soon with more updates! For more regular updates make sure you're connected with me on facebook.com/davidmthulin & twitter.com/thulin & instagram.com/dmthulin

Cheers mates! 

- DT

Lots of new stuff!

Hey guys,

So my new EP is finally out as of a few weeks ago and you can get it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/reconstruction-vol.-2.2/id915968123

It's got my brand new single "A Million Lifetimes (feat. Amber Adams)" on it as well as my latest remixes featuring Francesca Battistelli, Satellites & Sirens, Press Play, and Everfound!! Also, my good mate Unikron remixed my single and nailed it, so you wanna make sure you pick this up!

Make sure you follow me on soundcloud.com/david-thulin because I'm always posting new music, as well are reposting tracks other artists remix for me, or where I remix others. Some of this material is ONLY available on SoundCloud, and it's usually FREE! :D

Hope you guys have an awesome autumn! 

- DT

Artwork and Track List Reveal for Reconstruction Volume 2.2

It's finally here! The artwork and track list reveal for my new EP "Reconstruction Volume 2.2" 

1. A Million Lifetimes (feat. Amber Adams) - David Thulin
2. God of the Impossible (David Thulin Remix) - Everfound
3. Force of Nature (David Thulin Remix) - Press Play
4. Jump Start My Heart (David Thulin Remix) - Satellites & Sirens
5. Write Your Story (David Thulin Remix) - Francesca Battistelli
6. A Million Lifetimes (feat. Amber Adams) (Radio Edit) - David Thulin
7. A Million Lifetimes (feat. Amber Adams) (Unikron Remix) - David Thulin

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