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Hey everyone! It's been a while again since I updated this. I'm simply terrible at it! But let's catch up. I moved to Nashville late last summer and have been down here working since! Got LOTS of new projects in the making including my brother Jonathan's new album, as well as new music for Charmaine, SHINEBRIGHT, Joel Vaughn, OBB, Marie Miller, Southland Music, and much more!

I have been working with Avari, an EDM vocalist who is starting to really get some traction with new tracks coming out every few months, including her latest release with Omair Mirza called "Perfect Imperfection" which got signed to Coldharbour Recordings owned by EDM Superstar DJ Markus Schulz. I had the honor of co-writing the lyrics/melodies and vocal producing Avari for this track. Omair totally nailed the track/production, so this should be a epic release!

Finally, I suppose the biggest news is that I got a new gig composing music for TV! Yup, dreams do come true! I'll be writing cues for the next foreseeable future (and man is it fun!)

Until next time, love you all!


Artwork and Track List Reveal for Reconstruction Volume 2.2

It's finally here! The artwork and track list reveal for my new EP "Reconstruction Volume 2.2" 

1. A Million Lifetimes (feat. Amber Adams) - David Thulin
2. God of the Impossible (David Thulin Remix) - Everfound
3. Force of Nature (David Thulin Remix) - Press Play
4. Jump Start My Heart (David Thulin Remix) - Satellites & Sirens
5. Write Your Story (David Thulin Remix) - Francesca Battistelli
6. A Million Lifetimes (feat. Amber Adams) (Radio Edit) - David Thulin
7. A Million Lifetimes (feat. Amber Adams) (Unikron Remix) - David Thulin

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