Producer, Writer/Composer, & Remixer working in Pop, RnB, EDM, & Film/TV Cues.

The latest releases and projects!

Hey guys!

Hope you're all doing super! I'm just checking in, saying hi, making sure you're all up to date on my latest projects and so forth! Recently I've been working on several albums and EPs that will be coming out in 2015, including my brother Jonathan Thulin's new album "Science Fiction" which I produced and co-wrote! I'm extremely excited about that one! Also, I produced Shine Bright Baby's new EP coming this year, as well as indie artist Joel Vaughn.

Lots of stuff is happening! Two tracks I co-wrote and produced ended up in a Michael Bay film recently called "Project Almanac" which is a time travel film. During a scene where the neighbors throw a party, you can hear the music I participated in creating pounding away next door. Pretty cool. It was surreal to see my name in the end credits while sitting at a movie theater! Cray, and fun times! 

I'll check back in soon with more updates! For more regular updates make sure you're connected with me on facebook.com/davidmthulin & twitter.com/thulin & instagram.com/dmthulin

Cheers mates! 

- DT

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