Producer, Writer/Composer, & Remixer working in Pop, RnB, EDM, & Film/TV Cues.


Being a man of many interests, I wanted to have a space where I can post some of my writings. I write fiction, mostly Fantasy or Sci-Fi. I have never been published, but it is one of my goals to self-publish my first work in the next two years!

On occasion I write more insightful thoughts, usually spiritual but sometimes not. Let me share my mind with you! You may not always agree, other times it may speak to your heart. Either way, take it or leave it, it's me! 

Note: Please comment all you want! Share your thoughts, your criticisms, your disapproval, and feel free to agree or disagree as much as you want. Just be respectful in your comments. Young visitors should not have to be exposed to vulgar or explicit words or thought processes. Thank you!! :)

Yeah, I'm a bit crazy :P

Yeah, I'm a bit crazy :P

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