Producer, Writer/Composer, & Remixer working in Pop, RnB, EDM, Film/TV Cues, Cinematic Orchestration, CCM/Worship.




Some of the latest projects David has worked on include Pop, RnB, EDM, CCM, and more! 


  • Melanie Pfirrman "Go Steady" (Producer, Co-Writer, Instrumentalist, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Mia Mor "A Little Bit" (Producer, Co-Writer, Instrumentalist, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Carmen Justice "Cloud 9" (Producer, Co-Writer, Instrumentalist, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Joe Kirk "Ten" (Producer, Instrumentalist, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Aaron Encinas "Ghost In Me" (Producer, Co-Writer, Instrumentalist, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Carmen Justice "Against the Odds" ("The Other Side" & "Red Yellow, Black White" - Producer, Co-Writer, Programmer)

  • Substance IO "Input / Output" (Producer, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Euphoric Nation & David Thulin "Destiny (feat. Spencer Lloyd)" (Producer, Artist, Co-Writer, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Andreas Moss "Stop Me" (Producer, Co-Writer, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Nathanael Bryce "Time Will Come" (Producer, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Spencer Kane "Summertime" (Producer, Co-Writer, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Taylor Grey "Miami (feat. Spencer Kane)" (Producer, Co-Writer, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Clayton Jones "Say It" (Producer, Instrumentalist, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Clayton Jones "Telescope" (Producer, Instrumentalist, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Clayton Jones "Laces" (Producer, Instrumentalist, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Holly Starr "Human" ("Say Yes" & "You and I" Producer, Co-Writer, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Emily Irene Fertig "Open Hands" (Producer, Co-Writer, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Simple Thieves "All Out Brawl (feat. Chantry Smith)" (Producer, Co-Writer, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Clayton Jones "Safari" (Producer, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Kayli "Your Love" (Producer, Co-Writer, Instrumentalist, Programmer, Engineer)

  • David Edwards "Dare To Be"

  • Taylor Grey "Space Case" ("Miami" Producer, Co-Writer, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Emily Irene Fertig "Whole" (Producer, Co-Writer, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Carmen Justice "Red & Yellow, Black & White (feat. GabeReal)" (Producer, Co-Writer, Programmer, Engineer)

  • David Thulin "Sun is Rising (feat. Charmaine)" (Artist, Producer, Co-Writer, Programmer, Engineer, Mixer)

  • Simple Thieves "Heroes Never Die" (Producer, Co-Writer, Programmer, Engineer, Mix/Master, Photographer, Artwork)

  • Benji "Nothin to Complain About" (Producer, Co-Writer, Programmer, Engineer, Mix/Master)

  • Spencer Kane "Heathens" (Producer, Instrumentalist, Engineer, Mix/Master)

  • DJ Kirk "DJ Kirk" (Producer, Co-Writer, Programmer, Engineer, Mixing)

  • David Thulin & Euphoric Nation "You're Not Alone (feat. Avari)" (Producer, Artist, Co-Writer, Programmer, Engineer)

  • Derek Minor "Change the World (feat. Hollyn) [Remixes]" (Remixer)

  • Carmen Justice "Flaming Arrows" (Remixer)

  • Joel Vaughn "Surrender" (Producer - tracks 2-5, Co-Writer, Instrumentalist & Programmer)

  • David Thulin "Back to You" (Artist, Producer, Instrumentalist & Programmer, Photographer, Artwork Design)

  • DJ Kirk "Awakening" (Producer, Instrumentalist & Programmer, Writer, Photographer)

  • Joel Vaugh "Kinetic" (Producer, Instrumentalist & Programmer, Writer)

  • Shinebright "Only You" (Producer, Instrumentalist & Programmer)

  • Omair Mirza "Perfect Imperfection" (Vocal Producer, Writer)

  • Joel Vaughn "Joel Vaughn" (Producer, Instrumentalist & Programmer, Writer)

  • Nate Sabin "Praise Nation" (Instrumentalist & Programmer)

  • Jonathan Thulin "Science Fiction" (Producer, Instrumentalist & Programmer, Co-Writer, Mixing)

  • Emerald Anchor "Stories" (Producer, Instrumentalist & Programmer, Mixing, Mastering)

  • Southland Music "To Make Jesus Known" (Producer, Programmer, Mixing)

  • TransformDJs "Never Alone" (Co-Prod/Instrumentalist & Programmer, of Track 16 "Forever")

  • Beckah Shae "Champion" (Co-Prod/Instrumentalist & Programmer, of Track 6 "Jericho (feat. Israel Houghton)")

  • Jonathan Thulin "The White Room" (Producer, Instrumentalist & Programmer, Photographer)

  • Press Play "#LITO" (Producer, Instrumentalist & Programmer, Writer, Photographer)

  • Jason Chatham "Between Wind & Water" (Producer, Instrumentalist & Programmer)

  • Press Play "World Anthem" (Co-Producer, Instrumentalist & Programmer, Writer)

REMIXES (#DavidThulinRemix)


David began to do remixes for other artists in 2011 for his "Morning Rise Eternal" release on Dream Records. Since then David has had the opportunity to work with many artists, bringing an eclectic blend of EDM genres to these various projects. Some of those artists include Natalie Grant, Plumb, Colton Dixon, Group 1 Crew, Rapture Ruckus, Rachael Lampa, and many more. Check out the playlist on the left! Below are some projects David has been featured on. 


David works both as a producer and a recording artist. He has produced, co-produced, programmed, and written for a lot of projects, including his own! Here are David's own releases, dating back to his first release "Morning Rise" in 2008. 

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